Sting appears on remix, promo, demos, and rare live releases and studio recordings, vinyl, 12" or cd album / cd singels and bootlegs.
Lortebutik skodbutik køb ikke hos Multimediaworld

See the Police on tour for the first time in a decade.
Revice news from stingme.dk as soon it's been released.
Copy and past this into your feed reader: http://www.stingme.dk/stingme.xml

STING FOR SALE - XMAS Prises december only !


More Dire Straits updates:

In 2005 this Multi-channel cd was released. A 20th anniversary edition. It has the 8:24 Money For Nothing track also.
The Sub channel version of this track has Mark Knopflers & Sting voices very loud, and drum part in low background. As always with this multichannels cds, strange version appears :-)

Mark Knopflers & Sting


Here are the updates for the Sting Discography:

Dire Straits promo CD promo album:
Money For Nothing, 8:24

Dire Straits US Promo vinyl album:
Money For Nothing (Long Edit), 4:38
Money For Nothing (Edit), 4:05
Money For Nothing (LP Version), 7:04

Anoushka Shankar promo cd single
Has the track: "Sea Dreamer", 4:11
This track is the same as the one released as mp3 by Itunes.

Dire Straits promo CD promo album

Promo vinyl album

Anoushka Shankar promo cd single


Nothing From the Vault
Sting.com has this decided to relase a new DVD to all the fans.
Now here was my plan, I was going to add a special page for this release but this didnt happend.
You may ask why, why no pictures fromt this dvd ? Well the answer is simple: This dvd is like all the othere sting.com releases: nothing new.
Perhaps you find some new small interviews but most part are old.
The Music:
All tracks on this dvd is only snippets running from 1-2 minuts. This is so sad. This must be due to copyrights.
The videos:
Several part has already been release via the sting.com page or on the police.com page.
The interwiev with sting and dominic sitting in stings boat house is a good example. The quality is so poor, I wonder, couldnt they find the original recording, and just use the low quality web release !! how long time was this since we saw that  !!
The "hidden" parts:
I only found The Police part, and again old stuff from the wiskey session was used. All tracks snippets, and cut up.
Bonus stuff:

It get worse, some bright cleark at the marketing deparment at universal filled this part of the dvd with several full length videos and tracks, with all kind of “artist” i newer heard of or would have no wish to hear or see. Perhaps stings tracks was cut becase of all the “nice” bonus artist. Yes and now we all will go the shops and buy lots new cds for x-mas because of the frendly people at universal. Thanks.

Like all the other sting.com dvd release this is indeed a sad release too.



When The Police where in Denmark Sting bought paintings from the danish artist Poul Pava.
Sting bougth the painting behind him.

sting and Poul Pava

To see more painting from Poul Pava


The Police in Denmark - and yes they have a good taste for fine art :-)
When The Police where in Denmark, the groups dressing room where loaded with fine danish art.
The Police where very happy about a special red leather sofa, all 3 members signed the sofa. Later Sting bought 2 leather chairs for his aparment in New York price us$ around 4.600 each. Ps. the sofas price is normal around us$ 8.000. But this special Police sofa can be yours on this auction

signed sofa by the police

The Police Sting Andy Summers And Stewart Copeland

The Chair Sting bought is this one:

More info here


More mashup: Be Still My Burning Shadow (Sting vs. UNKLE), 4:43

The cover for the mashup, the second and third photos are rare.

mashup: Be Still My Burning Shadow (Sting vs. UNKLE) Sting



Rock Milestones: The Police - Regatta De Blanc DVD
The making of the Police's seminal second album REGATTA DE BLANC is recalled in this entry into the Rock Milestones series.

Street Date Nov 06, 2007
Rating Not Rated
Running Time 50 Minutes
Movie Details Color

Full Frame -1.33
Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround - English
Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo - English
DTS Surround - English

The Police Regatta De Blanc


Last Exit
This sticker from Last Exit seems to be a official logo from the band. It has been for sale several time on ebay.

Last Exit


Bumped into some more remixes:
The Police Vs. Dirty South - Little Black Spot, 6:41
The Police Vs. Dirty South - Little Black Spot Edit, 4:36
The Police Vs. Bloc Party Vs Eminem - Like Eating Moon - Dj Moule, 3:56
Fragile (Signum Progressive Edit), 7:51
Fragile (Signum Signal Remix), 6:48


Got to share this recording of fields of gold, recorded by: Giorgia Fumanti, Album: From My Heart Track: Campi D'Oro (Italian Translation Of Sting's 'Fields Of Gold') - (with Giorgia Fumanti).
Hear this beatiful voice, go here and scroll down a bit Source: http://mog.com/ErikaB



I'll be watching you - Inside the police 1980 - 83.

Se den fantastiske udstilling med fotos fra verdens største rockband. SE MERE HER


New Album by The Police

“They said to Us that we did not do it. After so many years, people, after all, which come is to listen to Roxanne, no? ”, the guitarist reflects. Yes the improvisation and the new adjustments abound in old hits, a twenty that fit in a concert of near two hours of which fans black leg will throw in lack jewels such as Bring on the night.

But everything is not lost. The musicians have been working in new material. Will be new album, sixth? “Perhaps a little later, when we finish the tour. The door was closed. This tour has opened to the door a little”. Summers smiles.

nb. translated by google. Source: www.elpais.com


Last week concert in Amsterdam with Fiction Plane. The band of Joe Sumner, the son of Sting.


Updated the Sting Discography


Saturday Night Live - STING. Finally had some time to check this track.
The track was played the 17 october 1987 with audience. However the track is not live at all. Sting is doing lip synch, infact everything is playback. The track is: "We'll Be Together". Although it's not a proffisional studio production it's a sort of: "live studio recording"
The lyrics start almost half way inside theoriginal text and at the end Sting sings:"

If you need somebody - call my name
If you want someone - you can do you can do you can do the same
We are the one
We are the children
We are the one

Well be together tonight
Well be together tonight

This recording runs for 3:36

Sting We'll Be Together


The Police in Denmark
What a blast, The Police sure rocked the place, great show


The Police will be playing here in Denmark tomorrow :-)

Saturday Night Live - STING

Previous unreleased track with Sting. The first officiale live release of We'll Be Together.

The dvd: "Saturday Night Live 25 Years of Live Music Vol3" has one track with Sting playing: "We'll Be Together, Recorded 1987.

Back in 1999 the cd SNL Vol 1 was released, and it had Sting live with the track: "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You".

Saturday Night Live 25 Years of Live Music Vol3 has Sting

Hurricane Relief - Come Together Now

Previous unreleased track with Sting.

The cd "Hurricane Relief - Come Together Now" has one track with Sting playing: "Moon Over Bourbon Street, Live", 4:56 Sting with special guest Chris Botti.

Recorded live at the Universal Amphiteatre in Los Angeles, CA on october 29, 1999.

The track was deleted from the promo cd that was give to make up for the inconvenience of having cameras all over the place during the show. People who send back the ticket of the show have in return the CD, but without this track.

Sting on Hurricane Relief - Come Together Now


STING appears on new cd from Anoushka Shankar. Sting stings on the track: "Sea dreamer".
To here to hear this track click here

Anoushka Shankar and Sting

Sting - Ten Summoners's Tales Sting dts

I Finally got the dts album of Ten Summoners's Tales.
Track listing
01. Prologue (If I Ever Lose My Faith In You)
02. Love Is Stronger Than Justice (The Magnificent Seven)
03. Fields Of Gold
04. Heavy Cloud No Rain
05. She's Too Good For Me
06. Seven Days
07. St Augustine In Hell
08. It's Probably Me
09. Shape Of My Heart
10. Something The Boy Said
11. Epilogue (Nothing 'bout Me)

I will update the dts versions later ! - as you can see the track: "Everybody Laughed But You" - is sadly missing.

Sting - Brand New Day Sting dts

09. Ghost Story, deleted big bass drum version, 5:28


Just found unfinished tracks from B.N.D.

promo cd

This is a UK promo cd without cataloug number released by Interscope Records.
The cd has 6 tracks with the following titels:

1. 1000 Years
2. Desert Rose
3. Big Lie - Small World
4. After The Rain
5. Perfect Love
6. Brand New Day

1. 1000 Years, no changes !
2. Desert Rose has 2 second of intro wich are not present on the album version, nothing else seems to be different.
3. Big Lie - Small World, on the album version there is a 20 secunds piano part in the intro, this demo version is without the piano track. At the end there is some kind of comment, sounding as it's coming from a studio monitor.
4. After The Rain, this track is a slowed down a bit, around 1-2 sec longer than the album version, drum patter don't fit the album version. Also the ending is without the cross fade to Perfect Love Gone Wrong.
5. Perfect Love, the track has the intro with the surface noice from a record player.
6. Brand New Day - no difference.


There are several tracks where Stings voice appears very clear, like on: Be Still My Beating Heart, and on Englishman In NY Stings breating is clear hearable befor he starts to sing.
The dts versions are:

01. The Lazarus Heart (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal), 4:26
02. Be Still My Beating Heart (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal), 5:32
03. Englishman in New York (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal), 4:09
04. History Will Teach Us Nothing (Bass,sax,drum version) (Instrumental), 5:01
05. They Dance Alone (Cueca Solo) (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal), 6:36
06. Fragile (Bass and guitar + Stings vocal version), 3:52
07. We'll Be Together (Bass,drum + Stings Vocal Version), 4:42
08. Straight to My Heart (Bass, drum and piano) (Instrumental), 3:54
09. Rock Steady (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal). 4:26
10. Sister Moon (Bass version) (Instrumental), 3:46
11. Little Wing (Bass and drum version + Stings vocal). 5:02
12. The Secret Marriage (faded vocals). 2:00

There is a "spoken" version of: "Straight to My Heart" cool version.
The second version of "The Lazzrus Heart, (Alien or Ghost Version)" are interesting because of its use of Flange effect on the chours.

Ps. I will find more versions when I got some time for mixing.

Police - Every Breath You Take - The Classics Sting dts

Behind the recordings of The Police

What is this, well it's actually some old news, the cd was released in the us around 2000. I have a dts player but I don't have the speaker system........... so I newer played it. I bought it because it has the unreleased track of De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da made in 1986. But the other day someone told me to listen to the different channels WOW.
The cds has 12 recordings: Roxanne, Can't Stand Losing You, Message in a Bottle, Walking on the Moon, Don't Stand So Close to Me, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da '86, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Invisible Sun, Spirits in the Material World, Every Breath You Take, King of Pain, Wrapped Around Your Finger.
Each track and channel basically has a different version of the track. Vocal and bass + drum, synth + bass, instumetal and so on. What really interesting is that the different instruments now are extreme clear and that goes for Stings voice also.
Here is a list of the more interesting tracks form this dts - release:

01. Roxanne, Chorus are loud and lead vocals are faded 3:09
02. Can't Stand Losing You, Deleted drum version 3:00
03. Message in a Bottle, Instrumental version 4:46 and a deleted chours version 4:46
04. Walking on the Moon, Vocals are faded 4:59
05. Don't Stand So Close to Me, Vocals and bass and Drum Version 3:36, Deleted Drum Version 3:53
06. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da '86, Slow Version 4:24 and Bass Version 4:23
07. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Bass Version 4:21
08. Invisible Sun, Vocal + drum version 3:30
09. Spirits in the Material World, Vocal + drum version 2:58
10. Every Breath You Take, Gutar Version 4:09, Vocal and Drum Version 4:10, and Gutar+Vocal+ Drum Version 4:10
11. King of Pain, Bass and Drum + refrain Version 4:59 Synth + piano version 4:59
12. Wrapped Around Your Finger, Instrumental, Deleted synth version 5:08 and a Synth Version with faded vocals but loud chours 5:06

The Police - Every Breath You Take - The Classics Sting dts
More dts tracks:
01. So Lonely, Andys Guitar Version (vocals are very faded). 3:04
02. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, (original version),Vocal Version+Bass and drum, 4:05
03. Synchronicity II, Vocals very faded and Andys guitar in front, 4:44

Sting - Sacred Love Sting SACD Super Audio CD
Mixing the tracks one gets the following versions:
01. Inside, Vocal Version, 4:45
02. Send Your Love - Bass & Vocal Version, 4:35
03. Whenever I Say Your Name (Deleted intro and deleted chorus), 4:58
04. Dead Man's Rope, Vocal Version, drum and bass, 5:42
05. Never Coming Home, Drum and Vocal version (without Jason Rebello piano), 7:44
06. Take Me Dancing, Bass Vocal drum, 3:56
07. Forget About The Future, Vocal and bass version 5:11
08. This War, Vocal and bass/drum version, 5:27 and a Hardcore version, 5:28
09. The Book Of My Life, Vocal and drum version, 6:15
10. Sacred Love, Vocal, drum and bass 5:37
11. Send Your Love (Dave Audé Remix) Drum and vocal version, 3:09
12. Shape Of My Heart (Live) -
13. Like A Beautiful Smile, Instrumental 4:39

Sting - Brand New Day Sting dts
Mixing the tracks one gets the following versions:
01. A Thousand Years, (instrumetal version), 5:55 & Bass and Drum Version 5:59 + a Synth and Drum Version. 5:55
02. Desert Rose, (vocal version + drum and bass) 4:35 - 2'nd version 4:43
03. Big Lie Small World, (instrumetal version), 5:04 and a instrumental version (bass and drum version) 5:00 & Synth / drum version 5:03
04. After The Rain Has Fallen, instrumetal version 5:05, (clap & bass and organ version)5:06 + (Drum & Bass Version) 4:54
05. Perfect Love... Gone Wrong, Vocal Version, 5:19 and a vocal + bass drum version 5:19
06. Tomorrow We'll See, vocal and bass and drum Version, 4:23
07. End Of The Game, Instrumental Version, 6:31 Bass and Drum Version 6:36 Synth Version 6:30
08. Fill Her Up, Without the country guitar, 5:37 and the instrumental version 5:37
09. Ghost Story, Instrumental Version, 4:56
10. Brand New Day, Bass Version, 5:23, and a simpel version (bass and drum+ vocals and chours) 4:29 Deleted Drum Version 5:48


New sting stuff for sale:

you still touch me, single
newcastle big band, sealed
send your love, incl live dvd, sealed
whenever i say your name, austrialian pressing
brand new day, japan 3" single
nothing about me, japan 3" single
why shoul i cry for you, japan single
reflex, huminication, 11 track album not released - sting on 2 tracks
whenever i say your name
my funny friend and me
walking on the moon, 4 remix by roger sanchez
brand new day, 2 track
song from the labyrinth, japan 23 track acetat promo with 8 pages print.

Click to zoom picture


The Police: they still got it

I just listened to the dress rehearsel from Vancouver, and Sting Andy and Stewart really refilled the old bottels.

Great guitar playing by Andy to Invisible Sun.

The Police Live

Just found: Manu Katche: "change"

This 7" vinyl record has the track: 25th of july, with sting on backing vocals.

Tracklisting is:

1. Change (3:30)
2. 25th july (4:50)

The original album release runs for 4:33.
also :

dominic miller - guitar
david sancious - keyboards

Manu Katche Change


The Police Vs Snow Patrol, "Every Car You Chase" Mixed by PARTY BEN, 4:10

The mp3 version can be downloaded here Or visit PARTY BEN Web page


NEWCASTLE BIG BAND - released on bootleg cd

The cd can be bought here

NEWCASTLE BIG BAND - released bootleg cd
The fist recording ever with Sting, has been cleaned up and put to boot cd.
More info here.


Just found: RE-FLEX, the unreleased album:


Reflex recorded their second album back in 1985 but somehow it was newer released official. Only a couple of 12" vinyl remix records was released.

RE-FLEX  Humanication unreleased album

1. Humanication (5:29)
2. Cold War (3:25)
3. Same Old Story (3:47)
4. Forever An Ever (3:34)
5. Playing For Time (6:15)
6. Sending Out A Message (4:08)
7. How Much Longer (4:30)
8. Tell Her That You Love Her (5:02)
9. Give It Up (4:19)
10. You And I (4:42)
Ps. How Much Longer was only released on a remixed 12" vinyl version



Added some more pictures here



Here is a link to the new Police web page:
the Police


And I dont forget when the Police played 13.02 at Hollywood Whiskey a GO GO. Here is: "Can't Stand Losing You / Reggatta de Blanc", 7:33

Voices Inside / When The World Is Running Down, 6:55

Message In A Bottle, 5:01

Roxanne, 4:36


I just got to show you guys this amazing mashup of both music and video.
The Police vs. Ben E King, "Every Breath You Take / Stand By Me", mixed by Rob de Blank, 3:35



Lots of pictures can be found here



The Police played Roxanne at the 49th Grammy Awards.

11.02.2007 Added 20 albums for sale here


Steve Nieve: Welcome to the Voice:

Sting appears on track: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 13, 14, and 15:
1). Prologue [10:53] Sting, Steve Nieve

2). The Ghost of Carmen [6:02] Sarah Fulgoni, Sting, Steve Nieve
3). Grand grand freedom [7:08]Sting, Steve Nieve, Robert Wyatt, The Steel Workers Chorus
4). Welcome to the Voice [4:05] Sting, Steve Nieve

5). Ghost of Butterfly [2:47]Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
6). Ghost of Norma [4:37] Amanda Roocroft, Steve Nieve
7). To Be is Strong [3:30] Sting, Steve Nieve
8). Perfume Song [4:47]Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
9). Desire [2:36]Sting, Steve Nieve
10). Troublemaker [4:14]Elvis Costello, Robert Wyatt, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
11). Don't Touch [4:36] Barbara Bonney, Steve Nieve
12). Distanciation [0:46]Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus
13). Happiness [3:02]Robert Wyatt, Sting, Steve Nieve
14). Despair [6:45]Elvis Costello, Sting, Robert Wyatt, Barbara Bonney, Amanda Roocroft, Sarah Fulgoni, Nathalie Manfrino, Steve Nieve
15). Unlikely [4:57] Sting, Barbara Bonney, Sarah Fulgoni, Robert Wyatt, Nathalie Manfrino, Amanda Roocroft, Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve, The Steel Workers Chorus

Int. Release: May.2007 Hear a snippet here: http://www.stevenieve.com

Steve Nieve & Sting


More Mash Up:

Dire Straits Money For Nothing v. Dive vs DiskonnectedV2, 4:41
The track has uses Stings vocals: I want my MTV. - Strong teckno mash up.

The Police - Wake up, Make up, Bring it up, Shake up, 3:20
Punky breaky pop. Nuskool breaks meets drum'n'bass. Catchy track driven by a vintage sample of The Police and popular with XFM. Hints of Rockafeller Skank.

The Police Mash Up


I updated the Sting/Police remix. added the tracks:

Sting & Luminary - Desert World (Shoma's Reconstruction), by: Dj Bell, 9:24
Its a mash up of Sting - Desert Rose and Luminary - Desert World (Andy Moor Remix) I added some crazy FX, some loops and guitar lead. Enjoy :) Shoma".
The Police vs. Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) -" Roxannes Hump”, 4:10
The Police vs. Ben E King, " Every Breath You Take / Stand By Me", mixed by Rob de Blank, 3:32
The Police vs. Elvis Costello, Mash up. - Wrapped Detective (GHP), 5:13 (cool new version).
The Police vs. Beastie Boys Mash Up - INTERGALACTIC / Voices Inside My Head, 3:36
The Police vs. Rob Dougan Clubbed To Death, 3:33
The Police vs. Jungle Brothers Mash Up - Lonely Jungle Brothers, produced by anonymous., 4:58
Oh my god:
The Police vs. Backstreet Boys [produced by DJ Joel-Steven, aka 'Voicedude'] 3:29
The Police vs Justin Timberlake vs U2 vs Freddy Fresh 'So Lonely with or without your sexy back' mixed by EARLYBIRD, 4:53
Close To Me (Close To Me (Don't Stand So)), Arty Fufkin presents The Cure vs The Police vs ACDC vs Wham! vs Bobby McFerrin vs Katrina and the Waves vs David Bowie vs Cold Chisel vs Corey Hart vs Prince vs Paul McCartney, 1:58

Sting & Luminary - Desert World (Shoma's Reconstruction)


I updated the Sting Discography.

Added the track:

You Can Close Your Eyes, by James Taylor from the musicares person of the year tribute DVD.

You Can Close Your Eyes (Long Version) 4:26

You Can Close Your Eyes (Edit Version) 2:18

The track has only Sting playing his labyrinth lute, a really cool and nice version. Get this DvD.

James Taylor from the musicares person of the year tribute DVD


The Daily Mail: The Police on tour 2007.

The best news this year, what a beginning for 2007.

Read all about it here:

I wish you all a Happy New Year.

Lets hope to hear the sound of The Police live in 2007.

The Police live on tour 2007


I updated the Sting discographyy as Itunes released a EP with new tracks:

Sting: Live From The Labyrinth XM Artist Confidential EP

1). Fields Of Gold (Live From The Labyrinth), 3:33
2).Hell Hound On My Trail (Live From The Labyrinth), 3:30
3). Message In A Bottle (Live From The Labyrinth), 5:38

Sting: XM Artist Confidential: Live From The Labyrinth - EP


I updated the police discography as I just found this old cd on ebay, it was released in 1995 by Polydor USA called: "STARS IN SPANISH":

1). Bryan Adams, Todo lo que hago, lo hago por ti
2). Bon Jovi, Camade Rosas
3). Scorpions, Viento de cambio
4). Zucchero, Senza una donna
5). Sting, Fragilidad
6). Boyz II Men, No dejemos que muera el amor
7). The Police, De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, 4:00
8). Moody Blues
9). Santana, Oye como ca
10). 4 P.M., Sukiyaki
11). Jermaine Jackson, Let's get serious (Sp. Version)
12). Janet Jackson, Vuelve a mi
13). Suzanne Vega, Luka

The Police version is ofcause in spanish, it used to be released on 7" vinyl.

Cat # 314 525 734-2


Updated the Sting Discography
Added tracktime for: Next To You, from: J.C. Penney Jam Concert For Americas Kids DVD & CD, , 2:36


Pictures from the J.C. Penney Jam Concert For Americas Kids DVD. More pictures click here.
Sting live from the J.C. Penney Jam Concert For Americas Kids


New recording with Sting: J.C. Penney Jam Concert For Americas Kids DVD & CD
June 14, 2006, some of the biggest names in music came together to raise awareness of America's need for quality afterschool programs. This once in a lifetime collaboration resulted in a history-making performance, "JCPenney JAM: Concert for America's Kids."
Recorded live at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium
Features include:

* Digitally mastered in high definition
* Widescreen 16:9
* Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
* The making of JCPenney JAM
* Artist portraits
* The JCPenney Afterschool Fund
* Concert photo gallery

1. Martina McBride - This One's For The Girls
2. Martina McBride - I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
3. Peter Cincotti - Be Careful *
4. Alejandro Sanz - Corazon Partio
5. Alejandro Sanz with Chris Botti - Lo Ves
6. Chris Botti - Someone To Watch Over Me
7. Chris Botti with Renee Olstead - Pennies From Heaven
8. Jon Bon Jovi - Who Says you Can't Go Home
9. 3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
10. 3 Doors Down with Sara Evans - Here Without You
11. Sara Evans - A Real Fine Place To Start
12. John Legend - Save Room
13. John Legend - Ordinary People
14. Next To You, 2:36
15. Katherine McPhee - Somewhere Over The Rainbow *
16. Andrea Bocelli with Katherine McPhee - Somos Novios
17. Andrea Bocelli - Can't Help Falling In Love With You
18. Andrea Bocelli - Because We Believe
19. Mary J. Blige - Be Without You
20. Kenny Chesney - Living Fast Forward
21. Kenny Chesney - Summertime
* Tracks 3 and 15 not included on audio CD

Sting J.C. Penney Jam Concert

The DVD and CD playlists include performances by Martina McBride, Peter Cincotti, Alejandro Sanz, Chris Botti, Renee Olstead, Jon Bon Jovi, 3 Doors Down, Sara Evans, John Legend, Sting, Katharine McPhee, Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige and Kenny Chesney. The JCPenney JAM is hosted by Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw, and music produced by GRAMMY Award-winning producer David Foster.

Concert Performances: DVD & CD Listing *

Thanks to: kinetickid for the tip.


I just got a german promo with the following tracks:
1) Come Again - Remix, 2:58
2). Come Again - Album Version, 2:55
3). Fields of Gold, 3:32

Recently Itunes released: Come Again, Alternative Version, 2:51 and Fields Of Gold (New Version), 3:32
It shows that the versions on this cd is the same as the ones from Itunes.
But the format from itunes is compressed and when you burn it to cd format it ofcause goes to wav-format.
I used Cool Edit v2.0 and checked the Spectral view (the tracks range of Hz).

The Itunes has a range from, 0 to 16000 Hz.
The cd has a range from 0 to 21.000 Hz.

So it's possible to track converted mp3 files or Itunes as they lose Hz.
The cd is a cdr and could therefor be a fake cd, but as it has a higher quality than the Itunes it's not a fake.

Ps. the range in Hz for normal ears goes from 20 to 20.000 Hz.

Come Again, Alternative Version ITUNES

Come Again - Remix CD

















Sting & Gil Evans / Strange Fruit - Perugia Jazz Festival 1987

1. Up From The Skies 9:58
2. Strange Fruit 7:18
3. Shadows In The Rain 6:01
4. Little Wing 10:10
5. There Comes A Time 10:50
6. Band Into By Miles Evans 2:20
7. Consider Me Gone 6:25
8. Synchronicity 1 6:21
9. Roxanne 6:32
10. Tea In The Sahara / Walking On The Moon 11:57
11. Instrumental 14:44
12. Message In A Bottle 7:25

What a Strange release !

In 1993 I thougt it was strage to release cd more than 6 year after it's recording.
Today when I got this new 2006 release on DVD im even more surprised.

The dvd has new tracks not put to the first cd.

New tracks are:
5. There Comes A Time 10:50*
8. Synchronicity 6:21
10. Tea In The Sahara / Walking On The Moon 11:57
11. Instrumental+ 14:44
12. Message In A Bottle 7:25

Track 5. There Comes A Time 10:50* well not a new track but the new version has full time 10:50 insted of the cd 4:50.
Well track 8 is instrumental but has Sting on guitar.
Track 9 is great
Track 10 Very awsome - from the cd's 9:00 to the dvd's 11:57.
+Track 11 Sting don't play on this track.
Track 12 Cool version

On the original cd from 1993 track one has a wrong title: EXP, but on the new release its been corrected to: "Up From The Skies".
One track is missing ! Somehow Murder By Numbers didn't make it to the dvd.

Sting & Gil Evans / Strange Fruit
Sting & Gil Evans / Strange Fruit


The dvd was released 2006 by Jazz Door. Licensed by ITM in cooperation with RAI.

31.10.2006 I received sad news today: Ken, sorry to bring you the awful news via e mail:

At 7:40 AM E.S.T., 12:40 PM London time, my friend Jo Jo Laine, passed away in the U.K. Her children Laine Hines, Heidi-Jo Hines and Boston O'Donohue were with her.

Jo Jo was staying at her old home, I believe it was called the Cotchford Farm, also Brian Jones' home near Hartfield in Sussex, 50 miles southeast of London.

Though Jo Jo lived in St. John's Wood in London, she knew the current owner of Cotchford Farm and would often stay there. On Tuesday or Wednesday she fell and hit her head at the house. She was rushed to the hospital. Jo Jo held on for about three days and passed away peacefully this morning e.s.t.(early afternoon, about 12:40 PM, in London).

Boston phoned me tonight to say that Jo Jo died very peacefully. Although I am personally devastated, as the kids (understandably) are, "Uncle" Ira Kaye told me today that Jo Jo only had a couple of months to live because of the cancer.

Here are the MySpace sites of her kids:

Boston O'Donohue

Heidi Jo

Laine Hines

Jo Jo's sites

Sorry to bring the news via e mail. Needless to say I am devastated. We met in 1986 and had a deep friendship over the years, growing even closer the past couple of years with long transAtlantic phone calls.

When driving earlier today my roommate & I heard "Strange Brew" - Ginger Baker having written the finalpage in her book. At the Bagel shop the song "Penny Lane" was on when I walked in, followed a song or two later by Boz Scagg's "JoJo". My roommate called to say that a bus had two signs which said "Jo Jo Travels". She is sending messages to us.

Blue Nights

"A Piece of me
A Piece of you
A Piece of both of us is gone it's true
I try, deep in my heart, to try to forget you
all the nights, all the nights are Blue

Denny Laine/Blue Nights

We will never forget our Jo Jo. She is always in our hearts.
Rock Journalist Joe Viglione, P.O. Box 2392, Woburn, MA 01888


Sting.hu brings the news of a new rerelease of the track: Fragilidad
The new rerecording can be found at the album called:
RHYTHMS DEL MUNDO- Released 13th November 2006.
A sample of the track can be found here
1 Coldplay - "Clocks"
2 Jack Johnson - "Better Together"
3 Arctic Monkeys - "Dancing Shoes"
4 Dido & Faithless - "One Step Too Far"
5 Ibrahim Ferrer - "As Time Goes By"
6 U2 and Coco Freeman - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
7 Maroon 5 - "She Will Be Loved"
8 Kaiser Chiefs - "Modern Way"
9 Omara Portuondo - "Killing Me Softly"
10 Vanya Borges feat. Quincy Jones - "Ai No Corrida" *
11 Sting - "Fragilidad"
12 Vanya Borges - "Don't Know Why" *
13 Aquila Rose & Idana Valdez - "Hotel Buena Vista"
14 Coco Freeman & Franz Ferdinand - "The Dark of the Matinee"
15 El Lele de Los Van Van and Radiohead - "High and Dry"
16 Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo "Casablanca" (As Time Goes By)



New fanclub DvD has been released.

This dvd has lots of behind the scenes clips, interviews and funny scenes.

There is a but - all the music has been edited and cut dow to no more than 2 minutes or less. No full length tracks. Strange as is't a fan dvd.

STING fanclub DvD sting fanclub DvD Sting fanclub DvD


Chris Botti Live with orchestra & Special guests

The cd has Sting on 2 tracks:

What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life ?, 5:43
My Funny Valentine, 6:20

Along with the cd is a great dvd, apart from being great filmed it has a bonus track with Sting,

Message In A Bottle, 5:11

Chris Botti Live with orchestra & Special guests


Henry Padovani, Stewart Copeland & Sting: Welcome Home

New promo cd-r single from Henry Padovani's new album.
2 titres cd:

I got the cd-r, but the tracktime and info are wrong.
The cd states:
-  radio version (radio version), 3:42
- album version (album version), 5:02

The correct track time is:
Welcome Home, 3:44
Welcome Home, 4:29

Henry Padovani Promo cd single

VINX: MY TV, UK 7" vinyl single

Vinx - Lead Vocal
Sheryl Crow (Credited As Cheryl Crowe) - Backing Vocals
Angel Figueroa - Backing Vocals And Congas
Daryl Munyungo Jackson - Timbales And Shaker
Mark Smith - Backing Vocals
Sting - Backing Vocals And Bass
Bill Summers - Bell, Congas, Hands And Wood Block

Side A: MY TV (4:22)
Side B: MY TV (The Original) (4:19)



AbsoLUTE Sting - Songs from the labyrinth:

Let me say this, hearing this album reminds me of when I first heard the track: "Spread A Littel Happiness" At that time I was jumping around to Don´t Stand So Close To Me and Spirits In A Material World.
Very difficult to belive your ears - like your ears are trying to trick you. But its not a trick then or now. This is AbsoLUTE Sting playing and singing. Im not a classic type, so it perhaps not very fair for a one time listening:

1). Instrumental Lute, this is like a intro to track 2 which also starts right after.
2). Sting sings, tha track has also stings backing vocals added. About 1:30, 3-4 voices singig (very cool) beware the lute which sneaks in :-)
3). Sting reads a letter !
4). Sting sings very deep and very soooooooolw
5). Sting sings and lots of lute
6). Takes me back to Brimstone & Treacle, stings reads a letter
7). Very instrumental lute (slow and fast playing)
8). Sting vocals + lute
9). Sting reads another letter.
10). Fast singing lots of backing vocals (not sting)
11). Another letter reading, on a rainy day
12). Instrumental Lute
13). Sting sings very soooooooolw
14). Instrumental slow and fast lute
15). Another letter read for a blackbird.
16). Here is the HIT track with a littel delay for about 400 years :-)
17). Fast singing
18). More reading
19). My god this track is so dullll
20). Instrumental lute trip
21). Hmmmm no good
22). This is his last letter....
23). Aslo very dulll.

As a Police man / and admire of Sting for may years this cd wont be used much. Sorry but it ain't my cup of tea but perhaps I´ll get to like it in another 400 years. 2/6 thats all.

26.08.2006 The Japan promo release of: "Songs From The Labyrinth" was released 2 dayes ago. It's a 23 track cdr promo w/ promo insert & label.


Happy hunting ;-)

ps. there will also be a vinyl release of the eu version.
Catalog number: 476 572-2
Thanks to Attis for the info. http://www.sting.hu

Japan promo


New album from Tony Bennett: DUETS An American Classic
1. Lullaby Of Broadway
2. Smile
3. Put On A Happy Face
4. The Very Thought Of You
5. The Shadow Of Your Smile
6. Rags To Riches
7. The Good Life
8. Cold, Cold Heart
9. If I Ruled The World
10. The Best Is Yet To Come
11. For Once In My Life
12. Are You Havin' Any Fun?
13. Because Of You
14. Just In Time
15. The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
16. I Wanna Be Around...
17. Sing You Sinners
18. I Left My Heart In San Francisco
19. How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

Tony Bennett DUETS An American Classic with Sting

The track "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" has Sting on vocals.
Due for release on 09/10/2006

04.08.2006 Sting appears on the DVD by Mary J Blige, Live from the House of Blues

They sing the duet: Whenever I Say Your Name, 5:22

The track uses Stings backing vocals.

Sting and Mary J Blige

22.07.2006 Sting on new album from: Sam Moore: 'Overnight Sensational' (Rhino) Track List:

6. NONE OF US ARE FREE - STING with SAM MOORE (Special guest SHEILA E. (percussion)).
Special guest vocals by MARIAH CAREY & VINCE GILL with SAM MOORE
Special guest BILLY F. GIBBONS (guitar)
Special guests ZUCCHERO (vocals) ERIC CLAPTON (guitar) & ROBERT RANDOLPH (pedal steel)

Release Date: August 29, 2006 Source: www.warnermusic.ca

Sting and Sam Moore  overnight sensation




Asked about the Sting contribution “Blood Red Roses,” Willner says, “He was totally natural for this subject. He comes from Newcastle. He grew up hearing these things--it’s interesting how you hear a lot of little Beatles melodies in these songs. You know, Liverpool was a big port, and Australia and Maui and Cape Cod. Sting grew up with a lot of these songs, as did John C. Reilly. So he just came over to the studio, I gave him some songs and he just jumped into the process.”

The complete ROGUE’S GALLERY track listing is as follows:

CD 1

1. Cape Cod Girls - Baby Gramps
2. Mingulay Boat Song - Richard Thompson
3. My Son John - John C. Reilly
4. Fire Down Below - Nick Cave
5. Turkish Revelry - Loudon Wainwright III
6. Bully In The Alley - Three Pruned Men
7. The Cruel Ship's Captain - Bryan Ferry
8. Dead Horse - Robin Holcomb
9. Spanish Ladies - Bill Frisell
10. High Barbary - Joseph Arthur
11. Haul Away Joe - Mark Anthony Thompson
12. Dan Dan - David Thomas
13. Blood Red Roses - Sting
14. Sally Brown - Teddy Thompson
15. Lowlands Away - Rufus Wainwright & Kate McGarrigle
16. Baltimore Whores - Gavin Friday
17. Rolling Sea - Eliza Carthy
18. The Mermaid - Martin Carthy & the UK Group
19. Haul On The Bowline - Bob Neuwirth
20. Dying Sailor to His Shipmates - Bono
21. Bonnie Portmore - Lucinda Williams
22. Shenandoah - Richard Greene & Jack Shit
23. The Cry Of Man - Mary Margaret O'Hara

CD 2

1. Boney - Jack Shit
2. Good Ship Venus - Loudon Wainwright III
3. Long Time Ago - White Magic
4. Pinery Boy - Nick Cave
5. Lowlands Low - Bryan Ferry w/Antony
6. One Spring Morning - Akron/Family
7. Hog Eye Man - Martin Carthy & family
8. The Fiddler/A Drop of Nelson's Blood - Ricky Jay & Richard Greene
9. Caroline and Her Young Sailor Bold - Andrea Corr
10. Fathom The Bowl - John C. Reilly
11. Drunken Sailor - David Thomas
12. Farewell Nancy - Ed Harcourt
13. Hanging Johnny - Stan Ridgway
14. Old Man of The Sea - Baby Gramps
15. Greenland Whale Fisheries - Van Dyke Parks
16. Shallow Brown - Sting
17. The Grey Funnel Line - Jolie Holland
18. A Drop of Nelson's Blood - Jarvis Cocker
19. Leave Her Johnny - Lou Reed
20. Little Boy Billy - Ralph Steadman

60 songs were recorded for ROGUE’S GALLERY; 43 appear on the album. “Hopefully, there will be a volume two. I have half of it recorded already.” Willner says: “I came to age in the late sixties and early seventies of variety shows and concept records. I look at these records like you’re eating a full meal. There’s always your entrée, your vegetable that you don’t like but it’s good for you. And you want to cover it all. You need to establish the unknown, the famous, the obscure. Usually in the past I’ve always found that the secret weapons on these records are any new artists because you’re coming at it without expectations. And there’s other people that you’ve heard for years--but on that side it goes to another level.” Source: www.anti.com



Sting: Songs From The Labyrinth

Catalog number: 1703139
Label: Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date: 16.10.2006

Sting goes new ways with his new lute album together with Bosnian lute player Edin Karamazov.

1. Walsingham - Ballad setting for lute; Poulton no. 672
2. Can She Excuse My Wrongs? - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595
3. “Ryght Honorable: as I have bin most bounde unto your honor ..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595
4. Flow My Tears (Lachrimae) - Second Booke of Songes, 1600, no. 2
5. Have You Seen The Bright Lily Grow - from Ben Jonson: The Devil is an Ass, 1616
6. “...then in time passing on Mr. Johnson died..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
7. The Most High and Mighty Christianus the Fourth, King of Denmark, His Galliard - for lute, Poulton no. 40
8. Lowest Trees Have Tops - Third Booke of Songes, 1603, no. 19
9. “...and accordinge as I desired ther cam a letter..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
10. Knacks for ladies - Second Booke of Songs, 1600, no. 12
11. “...from thenc I went to the Landgrave of Hessen..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
12. Fantasy - for lute, Poulton no. 6
13. Come, Heavy Aleep - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 20
14. Forlorn Hope Fancy - for lute, Poulton no. 2
15. “...and from thence I had great desire to see Italy..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
16. Come Again - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 17
17. Wilt Tou Unkind Thus Reave Me - First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 15
18. “...after my departure I caled to mynde our conference..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
19. Weep You No More, Sad Fountains - Third Booke of Songes, 1603, no. 15
20. My Lord Willoughby’s Welcome Home - Version for two lutes; Poulton no. 66
21. Clear Or Cloudy - Second Booke of Songes, 1600, no. 21
22. “...men say that the Kinge of Spain is making gret preparation..." - Letter to Sir Robert Cecil (cont.)
23. In Darkness Let Me Dwell - Musicall Banquet, 1610, no. 10
Source: HMV Japan.


Eberhard Schoener and friends crossing times and continents:
There is a 12 minutes promo video from Eberhard Schoener and Freinds, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland
Check here to see it !

21.05.2006 Eberhard Schoener and friends crossing times and continents:
New double cd promo - updated the track 1 and 13.
CD 1:
1 Only the wind, Sting / Mariella Santiago, 4:41
2 Falling in Trance, 5:47
3 San Francisco Waitress, Sting, 4:19
4 Yvonne, 3:53
5 Look, it cannot be seen, 4:32
6 Natural High, Sting, 5:08
7 Wondering Minstral, 3:49
8 Why Don't You Answer?, Sting, 4:28
9 Call the circus, 3:30
10 Frame of Mind, 5:17
11 Video Magic, Sting, 3:55
12 Margret, 6:49
13 Trans Am, Sting / Mariella Santiago / Wilson Cafe, 3:06
14 Speech Behind Speech, Sting, 5:36
15 Cold Genius Samba, 3:01
16 Ich schau ins Licht, 3:52
17 Poem, Sting, 3:44
CD 2:
1 Canon - Crossing times and continents, 0:48½
2 Rhine Bow, Sting, 7:55
3 Blind windows in my eyes, 4:59
4 Miserella, 4:10
5 Amore splendida luce, 5:48
6 La Luna, 3:48
7 I am a wind, 5:23
8 Rosa di ninguno, 2:43
9 Silent without tears, 2:40
10 Aprire La Finestra, 2:24
11 Simona, 3:16
12 When will you leave, 3:23
13 Crossing times and continents, 21:02
14 Bali Agung 2, 11:15

More info here

27.03.2006 Eberhard Schoner and Friends - crossing times and continents

New dobbelt album, to be released: 21. April 2006.

Wenn Eberhard Schoener sich heute seinen alten Songs und Arien wieder zuwendet, geschieht das, um durch Verknüpfung eine Gleichzeitigkeit entstehen zu lassen. Er verbindet sie mit seinem heutigen Musikverständnis, indem er sie zwar grundsätzlich bestehen lässt, aber Neues hinzufügt. So geschehen bei seinem aktuellen Werk „Eberhard Schoener and Friends, crossing times and continents“, welches am 21.04.2006 veröffentlicht wird.

Auf dem breit gefächerten Doppelalbum geben sich namhafte Künstler wie Sting, Andrea Bocelli, Gianna Nannini, Kurt Moll, Willy de Ville, Helen Schneider die Klinke in die Hand.
So trommelt Wilson Cafe Sambarhythmen bei „Only the Wind“, dem Song, bei dem Stings Stimme so ungewöhnlich eingesetzt wurde.
Es wird der Gesang von Suman Chatterjee aus Indien und Nasser Kilada aus Ägypten verwoben mit den Stimmen der Mönche aus Nepal.

Es entsteht ein Terzett in „Blind windows in my eyes“ zwischen dem großen Bariton Kurt Moll, dem Countertenor Charles Maxwell und dem Rapper Bob Lakermann. ine Dreidimensionalität – das Ineinandergreifen von Zeit, Stimmen und musikalischen Strukturen – die nur Eberhard Schoener in einem solch beeindruckenden Zusammenspiel inszenieren kann.
Source: www.maximedia.de

Eberhard Schoner and Friends crossing times and continents


Rise & Fall Craig David featuring Sting - REMIXES, This 12" vinyl record has the full version by: Underdogs featuring Sting. No track time !

Craig David & Sting Rise & Fall Remix


I just got a cool mail from JO JO LAINE's manager:

Dear Kenneth & Stingme/Police webpage:

RE: The Jo Jo Laine 45 RPM "Hulk" b/w "Dancing Man" (see note from 28.11.2005).

From: Rock Journalist Joe Viglione, Manager of Jo Jo

Jo Jo Laine is on the phone from the U.K. right now. 3:20 PM on Wednesday February 22nd, 2006 (She's in London, I'm in Boston as I write this) Sting is definitely on "Hulk", we're not sure about "Dancing Man" right now - but are looking into it.

Sting played Bass on the song. We have to find out about Andy Summers participation. Brian Adams (the former manager of Denny Laine, not the rock star) has the original tapes.

MAYBE Sting is on bass on "Dancing Man", we have to confirm it with Brian Adams. We also have to confirm if Andy Summers is on both tracks, one track or none.

It is 100% that Sting is playing bass on HULK - Jo Jo is telling me this on the phone right now. Sting &
Andy were not famous back then, they were hanging out at Shepperton Studios a.k.a. Rock City Studios.

David Knopfler of DIRE STRAITS was recording in the next studio. Jo Jo explains: "Everyone partied and
went to the pub. Rod Stewart used to rehearse there. There was many times when Rod was with The Small Faces and Denny (Laine, Jo Jo's ex husband) at the pub - it was like the greatest. Those days don't exist anymore."

Andy Summers used to come to Jo Jo & Denny's house. (when they lived on Yew Corner. A.A. Milne of Winnie The Pooh fame had rented the home before Denny & Jo Jo purchased it). Andy's girlfriend at the time was American. (I don't think the girlfriend was Andy's ex-wife Robin Lane.


I introduced Robin Lane and Jo Jo Laine to each other at THE CHANNEL NIGHTCLUB back in the 1980s and was telling Robin about Jo Jo's records - that Jo Jo may have worked with Andy Summers. Robin replied "I was MARRIED to Andy Summers". Now that was funny and coincidental - I had no idea at the time.

But back to the Jo Jo Recordings: This was before the Police became famous. It was just at the brink of when they hit. At some point you can interview Jo Jo, but not right now as we are busy working on the release of her first full CD on the Washington D.C. label WAMPUS entitled THE BEST OF JO JO LAINE.

The rumor is that Brian Jones died in the swimming pool at that house, but that isn't true - Brian Jones
died in a house near the House on Yew Corner

Also check the Jo Jo Laine page here. http://www.jojolaine.com

Thanks, Joe Viglione, Manager, Jo Jo Laine

Rock Journalist Joe Viglione. P.O. Box 2392 Woburn, MA 01888 cell phone 617 899 5926


See the new video from t.A.T.u the track Friend or Foe (Sting is duing a great bass line) also this video version has a different sound recording. Check it here !

t.A.T.u Friend Or Foe Sting

A new dvd from Chris Botti - Live:
1) Someone To Watch Over Me
2) When I Fall In Love
3) A Thousand Kisses Deep
4) What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?- featuring Sting
5) Good Morning Heartache- featuring Jill Scott
6) My One and Only Love- featuring Paula Cole
7) The Look Of Love- featuring Paula Cole and Burt Bacharach
8) Cinema Paradiso
9) Pennies From Heaven- featuring Renee Olstead
10) Are You Lonesome Tonight?- featuring Paul Buchanan
11) Lover Man- featuring Gladys Knight
12) My Funny Valentine- featuring Sting
13) Why Not
14) One For My Baby - BONUS not on original PBS broadcast

The bonus features include: "Message In A Bottle" - BONUS performance - Sting fronts Chris' band for a stunning version of the Police classic. Not on the PBS broadcast.

Chris Botti and sting
There will also be a cd release !


So the album by Will Powers (Lynn Goldsmith) "Dancing For Mental Health" was finally released on cd.
The track Adventures In Success was written by: (Lynn Goldsmith / Robert Palmer / Sting).

The cd can be bought here: http://cdbaby.com/cd/willpowers

Also, check Will Povers web page: http://will-powers.blogspot.com/

Will Powers Lynn Goldsmith "Dancing For Mental Health and Sting

13.02.2006 Sorry for the lack of update, but I been out of the contry. So what new, well this years fist release with Sting is pretty surprising. Sheryl Crow released her album "Wildflower" last year, among the tracks where the track called: "Always On Your Side". Last week promo showed up on ebay with this track. This new promo has a new duet recording with Sheryl Crow & Sting. The tracks run for 4:11.

Perhaps there will be a official cd single version later ?
Sheryl Crow & Sting

29.01.2006 Several small updates to the Sting discography, I cleaned up the list.


More t.A.T.u

There is another promo cd single out, it has a instrumental version of the album version. I assume that Stings bass play is intact. More info later.

1). Single Version (3:06)
2). Instrumental Version (3:06)

Tatu radio promo has the instrumental version


Freaks only !
Do you rember the album called: Will Powers, Dancing For Mental Health - with the track: Adventures In Success.
The album informs that this track was written by Lynn Goldsmith and Sting.
However there was also a 12" vinyl release. This record has the tracks:
Adventures In Success, Vocal (8:05).
Adventures In Success, (dub copy) (8:52).
The 12" record tells that the track was written by: (Lynn Goldsmith / Robert Palmer / Sting).


More info on the second UK Promo release of the new t.A.T.u. single: "Friend or Foe"
I can only locate Stings bass on track 3 and 7.
1. L.E.X. Massive Club Mix ( 8:51 )
2. L.E.X. Global Oxygen Mix ( 8:41 )
3. Morel's Pink Noise Mix ( 6:55 )*
4. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix  ( 7:34 )
5. L.E.X. Massive Club Edit  ( 3:33 )
6. L.E.X. Global Oxigen Edit ( 3:33 )
7. Morel's Pink Noise Radio Edit ( 3:17 )*
8. Lenny Bertoldo Radio Edit ( 3:08 )
9. L.E.X. Massive Dub ( 7:54 )
10. Morel's Pink Noise Dub ( 6:55 )
11. Lenny Bertoldo Dub ( 8:22 )
12. Glam As You Mix By Guéna LG ( 7:20 )
13. Glam As You Radio Mix By Guená LG ( 2:42 )
Ps. the Cover Photo was shot by Bryan Adams. More info here

TATU Friend or Foe Remixes


The Promo release of the new TATU single: "Friend or Foe" has just been released.
It's a 6 track UK promo, the six track are:

1. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix (7:34)
2. L.E.X. Massive Club Mix (8:51)
3. Morel's Pink Noise Mix (6:55)
4. Glam As You Mix By Guena LG# (7:20)
5. L.E.X. Global Oxygen Mix (8:41)
6. Album Version (3:08)

Ofcause Sting play on track 6, can't tell if Stings bass line has been used on the other tracks.

TATU Friend or Foe Remixes


I finally got my own pice of this Newcastle Big Band vinyl record. It said that only 2000 copyes was made ! Track info:
The record has not any date of release but probably around 1972-1973. MORE INFO HERE



I found a "new" recording with Sting. It's the Greek single cd release: Pyx Lax - I Muvrini featuring Sting.

It's a different version than the orginal version on the album by I Muvrini called: Leia.

This version has added greek vocals and extra instruments, but keept close to the original.

Terre d' oru (Fields Of Gold) Pyx Lax - I Muvrini feat. Sting, 3:55 - more info here.

Pyx Lax and Sting


"New recording with Sting" well I can't confirm it for sure yet, but it seems to be true that both Sting and Andy Summers appeared on a 7" vinyl album by Jo Jo Laine, the record has 2 tracks. Sting and Andy only appears on the track Dancin' Man (Ken Pickett / Edwin Phillips). The record was released in 1980 on the label Poplar Records. Produced by Brian Adams.
Ebay has a copy for sale for some days ! Check Ebay

From Jo Jo Laine Discography

Hulk / Dancing Man
45 RPM on PYE/UK
with Sting and Andy Summers before they became Policemen

Also check the Jo Jo Laine page here.

Jo Jo Laine and Sting and Andy Summers



THIS IS A COPY OF THE LEGENDARY ALBUM RELEASED IN 1972 AS A PRIVATE PRESSING OF 2000.The one and only album from the Newcastle Big Band on the small independent local label Impulse, who also distributed the 2000 copies that were pressed.
Sting plays bass on all 8 tracks, which were all instrumental and recorded on a two-track Revox tape recorder. PS. The first recordings with Sting.

Check Ebay



Sting for sale, added the book: Broken Music - handsigned by Sting on the 09.12.2004, when Sting was in Copenhagen.
More info and pictures here.
Signed by Sting
Sting in CPH
Sting it's getting late !


There is another remix of The Hoxton Whores vs. Jimmy Cliff & Sting -People (Dub Mix) (9:34)


A new unofficial remix has turned up, it's a nasty techno version of The Police - Message In A Bottle (SOS) (Sander van Doorn Remix) (7:11)

Its not very often something like this happens, but it has. If you haven't heard of this one in the recent months then get out from under that rock, get reading, then get listening...!

Sander van Doorn has come out of the blue and remixed The Police - S.O.S. into a tech-trance wonder! This production was debuted by Armin van Buuren at Sensation White back in July and since then its been working up a storm on dancefloors everywhere. ALL the big names have been thrashing this track out - Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, you name them, they've played it - and all the dancefloors have been lapping it up! Finally this is out on an extremely limited run on an as yet unknown label. So if you're lucky, you might be able to get hold of a copy. Anyway, a review beckons...

This track has three different introductory sections - each of which could be seen as the individual elements of the track once its in full swing. The first part is a light percussive section, the second is a short section with some massive, massive, beats and the third is a trancey interlude with a quiet bass and muted beats. This triplicate introduction kicks the track off into 'that SvD sound' - big, thick beats, a quality covering of percussion and smooth, deep, flowing basses. As you near the break, short reverbed vocal snippets from S.O.S. can be heard - taking those who haven't heard the track before by surprise and building the anticipation for those that have. The breakdown itself encapsulates more eerie vocals on top of filtered beats and percussion. There is a solo S.O.S. section for a moment where the "sending out an S.O.S." vocal is repeated along with its nice acoustic guitar backing. This builds the right amount of atmosphere for when the track is thrown into a set of huge beats before filtering itself up and back down, in true SvD style, back into the main techy flow. At this point, the track has immense power - the moments after the vocals in tracks are always strong and this one is reinforced by the superdeep bass and excellent techy sounds that Sander van Doorn is able to produce. This track is fantastic and unsurprisingly and rightly so it has been utterly rocking the dancefloors out there. If you get the opportunity, do not miss out on this.
Allow me to re-iterate: This track is fantastic. You just cannot miss out on any opportunity to get this simply stunning vinyl. One of the best tunes this year. SOURCE: ivibes


Added 4 tracks to the Sting discography


There is a promo unofficial mix around called: The Hoxton Whores vs. Jimmy Cliff & Sting- People 2005, the track runs for 8:26


“Forgotten Children of Russia” HealthProm’s Charity Event at Menier Chocolate Factory 51-53 Southwark St, London, SE1 1TE. Monday November 7th 2005. CD Gold Disc 2004, personally signed by Sting

See more items for the auction and read about the Charity Event: here.

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Sting Charity Event


Stings bassline from Friend or Foe runs for 1:18, added to the discography page.


There is a New t.A.T.u. Remix Contest at ACIDplanet.com

Here's what Julia and Lena have worked up: The ACIDplanet® world of music is hosting a remix for "Friend or Foe" from their new CD, "Dangerous and Moving." Everything you need to remix "Friend or Foe" is available here at the friendly confines of the ACIDplanet community. Enter and have a ball.But if you want to take it a little further: The deluxe limited edition of "Dangerous and Moving" also contains loops from "Loves Me Not." Get a copy of the CD and you've got yourself a second set of loops to use in a megamix.You don't need to create megamix to enter this contest. Megamixes won't be considered separately, and won't receive any special recognition. But hey, the loops are there…

Download all the tracks and make a remix until 14 november.
PS. Check out the bass lines - Sting really knows how to hit the strings.

PPS. Also check out all the uploads, which also can be downloaded - really cool.

TATU & Sting new album called Dangerous and Moving


As reported more than a year ago, Eberhard Schoener has official confirmed the news of a new cd with Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers (using the old originally master recordings).
"Eberhard Schoener arbeitet zur Zeit an einem Remix verschiedener Songs aus seinen alten Veröffentlichungen. Dabei sind auch die vielen Künstler, die mit ihm zusammengearbeitet haben wie: Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers, Willy deVille, Gianna Nannini, Andrea Bocelli oder Esther Ofarim. Erscheinen wird diese CD im Frühjahr 2006". Eberhard Schoener


There will be a new TATU single, yes a maxi cd single with track: "Friend or Foe", the new single will be released in week 49 or 50. The track has Sting on the bass.

Looking back there was a maxi cd release from Jimmy Cliff called: "Fantastic Plastic People", among the 4 tracks there was nice 4'th track. The track is: People feat. Sting (Les Babacools Rework). It a real nice remix and its been kindly mixed to a nice reggae tune. More info here

08.10.2005 Chris Botti: "To Love Again" [NEW CD]

Available As Traditional CD & As DualDisc, In Stores, Tuesday, October 18.

Joining Chris on To Love Again are guest vocalists Sting ("What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?"), Paula Cole ("My One And Only Love"), Michael Bublé ("Let There Be Love"), Jill Scott ("Good Morning Heartache"), Paul Buchanan ("Are You Lonesome Tonight?"), Gladys Knight ("Lover Man"), Renee Olstead ("Pennies From Heaven"), Rosa Passos ("Here Comes That Rainy Day"), and, yes, that Steven Tyler (on Charlie Chaplin's "Smile").

Chris Botti: "To Love Again"


The Police - Synchronicity Concert "Synchronicity Concert" DVD
Released September 12th.

01. Intro
02. Synchronicity I
03. Walking In Your Footsteps
04. Message In A Bottle
05. Walking On The Moon
06. Wrapped Around Your Finger
07. Hole In my Life
08. King Of Pain
09. One World (Not Three)
10. Tea In The Sahara
11. O My God
12. De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
13. Every Breath You Take
14. Can't Stand Losing You
15. Spirits In The Material World
16. So Lonely
17. Credits

Bonus Features

Original Theatrical Trailer

More Police
• Synchronicity Concert Multi-Angle Tracks
• Interview In Melbourne, Australia 1984 (very last Police show)

Synchronicity Concert Multi-Angle Tracks from Atlanta (1983)
• Play All
• Synchronicity II
• Roxanne
• Invisible Sun
• Don't Stand So Close To Me

The Police - Synchronicity Concert


TATU, the new track with sting: "Friend or Foe" runs for 4:14.
I updated the Sting discography.
1). Dangerous and Moving (intro), 8:20
2). All About Us, 2:57
3). Obezanka Nol, 3:10
4). Loves Me Not, 3:45
5). Friend or Foe, 4:14
6). Gomenasai, 3:51
7). Cosmos (Outer Space), 3:12
8). Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have), 3:04
9). Sacrifce, 4:13
10). We Shout, 4:38
11). Perfect Enamy, 8:19
12) Dangerous and Moveing, 2:55

T.A.T.U & Sting


TATU, here is the videos for the All About Us, Uncensored Version and the Edited Version.
Beware of the violent in the first version !!
Type in the url in your win-amp under the play url.

Uncensored Version:
Edited Version:

TATU All about us

24.08.2005 I updated the remix section by adding the following tracks:

Every Bomb You Make (David Moore Radio Mix), 2:51
Every Bomb You Make (David Moore Extended Mix), 4:27
Spirits In The Material World (David Moore Dub Mix), 5:49
Voices Inside My Head (Tribal Mix), 6:30

Sting & The Police Remix


I found a old Westwood one recording, having a live recording from:
08.09.1996 Houston, TX / Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - USA

1). The Hounds Of Winter / I Hung My Head, 9:35
2). If You Love Somebody Set Them Free / Every Little Thing She Does Is Magive, 8:59
3). Fields Of Gold / You Still Touch Me / Synchronicity II, 12:30
4). Roxanne, 6:50
5). Bring On The Night / When The World / Demolition Man / Englishman In New York, 19:40
6). If I Ever Lose My Faith In You / Every Breath You Take / Lithium Sunset, 13:17

sting live: Houston, TX / Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - USA


The is a track flosting around with Mary J. Blige & Sting preforming the track: "If You Love Someone Set Them Free" from VH1 Awards december 2001. The track runs for 4:47.

Mary J. Blige & Sting


The new recording of Sister Moon, Sting recorded with Herbie Hancock from the new album: "Possibilities" runs for 6:55. The track is very jazzy and has ofcause Herbie Hancock on the piano.

a sample can be found here at: www.herbiehancock.com

Sister Moon, Sting


Sting and Dominic Miller appers on new album by: Gregg Kofi Brown, called: "Together As One". Tracks:
1. Lullaby To An Anxious Child, 4:08 - feat. Sting
2. Live as One feat. Novecento
3. World Spirit feat. Novecento
4. Wake Up the Morning feat. Des\'ree & Gabrielle
5. Sky Flower feat. Stanley Jordan
6. Aya a feat. Airto Moreira
7. Midnight Flyer feat. Novecento
8. Tender Eyes, 4:47- feat. Dominic Miller
9. Shadow feat. Billy Cobham
10. Je Fre Me Kofi

Gregg Kofi Brown and Sting

a sample can be found here at Imusic

A new third Last Exit tape has been found ! - straight form the master tape !


New Last Exit tracks


TATU, the first single from TATU is: "All About Us" will be released on 12.09.05


New soundtrack by Sting to the film: "Caminando".

SONY-BMG Sound Track
The unprecedented double CD of world famous artists, soundtrack arrangement with BMG Music, guarantees the film a significant elevation in exposure and marketing opportunities, thus, giving this first of its kind international film every opportunity to reach its true break out potential. The title itself, CAMINANDO, is a gypsy anthem recorded 20 yrs ago by the great Camarón and is currently proposed to be rerecorded by Cigala and Sting in Spanish/English for our title song.

Source: http://daryllynnmatthews.com/Caminando.html

Thanks to FETTES for the tip :-)

New soundtrack to the film Caminando, recorded by Cigala and Sting


Guitar legend Les Paul will celebrate his 90th birthday with his first new studio album since 1978's "Guitar Monsters" reports Billboard. Les Paul & Friends' "American Made, World Played" is due August 30.
The album will feature Eric Clapton on "Somebody Ease My Troublin' Mind," Jeff Beck on "Good News," ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons on "Bad Case of Lovin' You" and Buddy Guy, Keith Richards and Rick Derringer on "Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl, "Love Sneakin' Up on You" with Sting and Joss Stone and "Fly Like an Eagle" with Steve Miller.
Paul will also be honored on June 9 with the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award at New York's annual Songwriters Hall of Fame event.
Source: The Rock Radio

Sting and Les Paul
les paul & sting


FIRST from LAST EXIT. Impulse Studio tape.
The recording are all different then the Last Exit tracks dicovered 1/2 a year ago. Stings voice are not the main vocals, on some of the tracks the text is shared by two vocals. I assume that this tape are recorded from a earlyer period, at a time where Sting still had't found his skills !
Or perhaps this tape has a blend of tracks from different periods ?
Lyrics will be updated as soon as possible.

1). We Got Something, 4:05
2). Truth Kills, 4:41
3). Whispering Voices, 2:56
4). Carrion Prince, 2:48
5). Savage Beast, 4:49
6). I Got It Made, 3:46
7). I'm On This Train, 3:45
8). Oh My God, 4:43
9). A Bit Of Peace (instrumental), 3:03
Last Exit: We Got Something, Truth Kills, Whispering Voices, Carrion Prince, Savage Beast, Savage Beast, I Got It Made, I'm On This Train,Oh My God,A Bit Of Peace


Last Exit: Updatede the lyrics to Don't You Look At Me, thanks to Dean Ward, he also tell me the following: "I played in a band on the cruise liner Canberra alongside Last Exit and remember playing the song Don't you look at me on deck with Sting in about 1975/6.I played on Canberra, oriana, Arcadia and Himalaya between 1972-1977-three months a year. Really good times. Most of the time the bands had to play strict tempo stuff (including last exit) but once a week on a Friday, a few of us would get together with Last Exit and do a rock night in the Alice Springs bar (that settles it..it was definitely the Canberra..maybe Stings age is catching up on his memory :) ). Some of the passengers would join in as well if they had guitars with them..Obviously this was before Sting became famous..but he was still a hit with the women even then! :) Cheers Dean
LAST EXIT and more Last Exit.

Rerelease of the Arcadia 7

The Promise - Digitally remastered cd release !

The Promise (7 Inch Mix) 4.47
Rose Arcana 5.30
The Promise (Extended Mix) 7.07

This cd is very rare and only released in a limited number, and only on a box set, 5 cd singles all in this box set.
Sting are ofcause on the backing vocals on both the tracks of The Promice.

The other cds:
Election Day, 1. Election Day (7 inch mix) 4.25 2. She's moody & grey, she's mean and she's restless. 4.21 3. Election Day (the consensus mix) 8.29 4. Election Day (cryptic cut no voice) 8.33

Goodbye Is Forever, 1. Goodbye Is Forever (7 inch mix) 4.01 2. Missing 3.41
3. Goodbye Is Forever (extended mix) 6.14 4. Goodbye Is Forever (dub mix) 5.43

The Flame, 1. The Flame (re-mix) 4.01 2. Flame Game (yo homeboy mix) 2.49 3. The Flame (extended remix) 7.05 4. Election Day (early rough mix) 8.58

Say The Word, 1. Say The Word (single version) 4.29 2. Say The Word (instrumental) 4.33 3. Say The Word (extended vocal remix) 6.43 4. Say The Word (extended instrumental remix) 5.35

Updated the Sting discography:

Till Marwede has exact info about the Vinx-album, information which don't apper on the us album release !
Sting appears on the album: "Rooms In My Fatha's House". Well, here are the credits:
Sting appears on "My TV" (bass, backing vocals); "While The City Sleeps" (backing vocals); and Captain's Song (backing vocals).

Thanks Till


As some probably has noticed this page has been down several times this week. All because of heavy traffic - caused by TATU FANS :-)
No problem - keep coming back and you'll soon be hooked to Sting ;-)

One TATU fan corrects me about the release date of Dangerous & Moving:

Interscope gave exact dates:
17.10.2005 - worldwide
18.10.2005 - USA & Canada

Thanks again! You got ahead of Tatu's office and they got stoned when they heard the dates. It was funny.

Kiss, kiss, Olga

Rember the: "One World One Voice" cd ? well here is news:

Sting is playing bass on track 2 (8:15) and Stewart Copeland is playing percussion on track 8 (2:34), track 10 (1:55) & track 15 (3:18). Thanks to Osamu Mohri, Japan.

On the Jimmy Cliff-album "Black Magic" there's another song featuring Sting: On the track "Dance" (feat. Wyclef) he plays the electric bass.

The first song on the Miles Davis-album "You're Under Arrest" (1985) is called "One Phone Call/Street Scenes". It features Sting as a french policeman.

The 7'' version of "Message In A Bottle" is an edited one, which runs 3:50 min.

Thanks to Till Marwedel.


TATU with Sting - news from: TATU - Unofficial site of group TATU:

Sting took part in the recording of TATU new album Dangerous and Moving
Time of publication: 17.06.2005 (12:30)

International superstar and renown instrumentalist Sting played the bass-guitar part on the song "Friend or Foe" that will appear on the forthcoming TATU album "Dangerous and Moving."

Martin Kierszenbaum, TATU's A&R representative at Interscope and co-producer of the song with Robert Orton, shared details from the exclusive recording session. Martin and Sting are old friends. Martin called Sting from Los-Angeles several weeks ago. At that moment the musician was performing in Chicago as a part of his American tour. Martin asked if Sting would play bass on "Friend or Foe" a song Martin had written with Dave Stewart (from The Eurythmics) . Stings replied that he really enjoyed TATU's first album. He asked to hear the song and added that he would be happy to play.

The recording session took place in New York several days later when Sting was in town to perform a concert. He met Martin at the music studio. Sting made the atmosphere of the entire recording session fun and casual. He came to the studio only with the bass guitar hanging on his shoulder, listened to the "Friend or Foe" and played the bass-guitar part straight off.

Sting's part drove and enhanced the song as well as fitted perfectly with Julia's and Lena's exciting vocal performances on the track. For the track, Sting used his legendary Fender P-bass with which he's recorded since his days with The Police. After recording the part, Sting smiled and laughed "That was fun. Source: Official site

Info from: TATU - Unofficial site of group TATU
TATU & Sting


Sounds like a nightmarish idea, but official website of Russian duet Tatu informs that Sting has contributed with bass guitar on the track 'Friend Or Foe' from the upcoming Tatu's second album. The track was co-written by Dave Stewart. It's not known yet when the album is due to be completed and released.



My best regards, Daniel Koziarski

Tatu with Sting !


1). Updatede the Sting discography by adding 4 albums where Sting appears (look at the bottom page).
2). also added the tracks from the Japan promo single: My Funny Valentine.
3). The version of Stolen Car (Dave Aude Extended Vocal) this version was released only on 12". But this cd has this version.

Promo Only // Mainstream Club August 04.

Sting: My Funny Valentine japan promo
Sting; Stolen Car Dave Aude